INTERVIEW WITH … Marco Giusfredi (Guy Le Guiff)

Researched by Roberta Pastore


My name is Marco Giusfredi. I was born in Lucca where I lived until 23 more or less. Then I went to London for a while, some other places to cut it short and about eight years ago Paris where I still live now. As a photographer I’m also “known” as Guy Le Guiff, a pseudonym I chose just because I mistrust social networks. But I am working on it, as you can see.

I have always liked  to walk the street so I would define myself as a street walker more than a street photographer but unfortunately I found out that it means prostitute so…




When did you start a passion for the photography?

When I was about 22 I followed a course of photography and I took pictures for about a year, mostly posed portraits, then when I went to London I stopped. Too much damned work for a living. I started it again three years ago and it was street. I didn’t have to search much for it. It was quite natural to me. As I said before I have always enjoyed being in the street, to observe people, what is going on around me and, following the mood, to have some kind of exchange with strangers.



What was your first camera?

My first camera was a Pentax Me Super.

What is photography to you? And what should not be instead?

I can only talk about the photography I enjoy making. Photography to me is just being there, in the street, as free as possible, open to the unknown, to the stranger, to meet and to be met.




– Which masters of photography inspires you?

The world inspires me. Of course I enjoy watching photography masters, but they are just part of it. And, by the way, my culture of the image comes more from cinema than photography. But I wouldn’t be able to make cinema I guess. It implies to work with a lot of people and I like neither to give orders nor to receive them. So photography is good for me. You make it in a crowded solitude. There are the people in the street I mean.


What is the photo that struck you the most of a great photographer of the story?

There’s no one picture.




What is your favorite technique?

The zone focusing. Thank you Frédéric Le Mauff.





 Why do street photography?

Because when I do it I am in a kind of trance. And it’s good to be in a trance. It’s the best way I know to live the instant.




What is your best shot and what does it represent for you?

My best shot is the one I still have to take. It’s an idea, a desire, a chimera.

What is your relationship with the street and the people who are in your shots?

The street is the adventure. The people are the players.



INTERVIEW WITH … Katarzyna Kubiak

Researched by Roberta Pastore


My name is Katarzyna Kubiak. I was born in Warsaw where I live. I am 31 years old. I work in public administration. I have two loves in my life: my doughter and photography. In the future, I want to photograph became our shared passion.

In my free time I walk around the streets and take pictures of people.

Photography is something that hasn’t been present in my life for a long time but now I feel it completely changed it. I am at the beginning of my photographic adventure, there are a lot of things I need to learn but I already can’t wait to do it.

Katarzyna Kubiak_1 (1 of 1)


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. When did you start a passion for the photography?

It may sound funny but I’ve been taking pictures since five months. Earlier, I had been photographing people with my telephone camera, not knowing anything about street photography. It changed when, one evening, I went alone to the cinema. I had checked what was played that evening. It was a documentary called Finding Vivian Maier. Shocked and amused, I was watching that movie, realizing that this is something I have always tried and wanted to do. It was amazing. When I had gotten back home, I started to read a lot about it and I also found a Polish association in which I was able to publish my works concerning street photography. More or less at the same time I sent one of my pictures for a photographic contest which I won. Unfortunately, it turned out that, due to the fact that it was taken by the telephone, the photo does not meet technical requirements and cannot be a part of the exhibition. This was the moment, when I decided that I had to buy a camera. I started showing my pictures, in the Polish group at first, later in others which were international. It came as a surprise to me but people really liked it. Also, I was awarded for the first portrait made by me on my way home from work, what was absolutely shocking. I have never before been interested in photography. The only pictures I used to take are those brought from holidays. I have never suspected that such an accidental thing will become my passion.

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What was your first camera?

If it comes to my first camera, I had to ask my friends for a piece of advice because I was a complete amateur. The only thing I knew was that I want the camera to be small and unobtrusive. What was also important was the good quality of photographs. It had to be perfect to take it on the street or wherever I go. After about a moth of doing research I ought FUJI x100s. Then I had to figure out how to use it but this is another piece of my story . Now I really love my camera! A few days ago I also bought an old camera that needs a film to take pictures. I do love the climate and atmosphere of old pictures. Maybe soon I will be able to show some of my work’s results.

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What is photography to you?

For me, photography is a way of expressing myself. Showing how i perceive the world, how I see it. We, the people who stand on the other side of lenses, fill a photography with emotions. This is why people then have a chance to find them interesting and emotional. We catch the moment, in which, according to us, someone or something is beautiful. It is a kind of magic for me. Photography cannot be forced, otherwise it makes no sense. I do not take pictures when I am not in the mood for it or I do not feel the moment. I always have my camera with me but sometimes it is good to know when to let go.

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Which masters of photography inspire you?

To be honest, I don’t know many masters of photography. I try not to be inspired by anyone but I am sure that the fact that I watch other people’s works, subconsciously influences what I do. I’m not very good at memorizing names. Of course I can recall some notable artists, but at this moment I wouldn’t be able to tell who is especially important to me. My favorite thing to do is discovering those pictures, that are somehow hidden and unnoticed, created by young and talented people, who, although unrecognized, could be my masters.

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What is the photo that struck you the most of a great photographer of the story?

That is a difficult question. There are a lot of photographs I found memorable. Every day I discover new ones, which I like to recall. I remember one picture taken by Vivien Maier but I don’t know why it was burned into my memory. The photo shows a portrait of the woman seen from her profile, who seems to be looking around to come across the street. She is beautiful, dignified, well-dressed. She is wearing something very similar to a pearl necklace. There are other people in the background. The picture is not very special or unique, but in some way it enhances my sensitivity.

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What is your favorite technique?

Is there anything like this? I do not use any specific technique and if so, I do it unconsciously

Why do street photography?

Street photography is something that I got completely involved in. Uniqueness of the moment. Lack of modeling, artificiality. For me it is also a way of escaping the reality. Moments that are ordinary but magical. What is more, I find it addictive and exciting as it gives me the rush of adrenaline caused by the fact that I cannot control the situation. Street has its own rhythm, its own life, I am just the observer, the guest of the moment. I never know what I will be able to photograph, who I will meet in the street. Many fascinating and splendid things are happening there, but we do not always notice them. What I love most are portraits, people’s faces. Those are the things that hide the most beautiful stories.

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What is your best shot and what does it represent for you?

I don’t have my favorite picture but the one that I always look at with sentiment is one of my first photos called Milky Bar. Despite the fact that a long time has passed, I still enjoy it. Usually, I can’t bear watching my pictures after one week from taking them :) “Milky Bar” shows a woman sitting in a bar, deep in her thoughts, what makes the impression of her being absent. There are people eating dinners in the background, and the shadow of character string BAR on the wall. Everything remind me of Edward Hopper’s paintings. I enjoy this moment. The melancholy, secretiveness. This is the kind of climate that appeals to me most.

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INTERVIEW WITH … Massimiliano Marchese

Researched by Roberta Pastore


I live in a small town near Catania, in Sicily (IT) and I am a traveler who love photography … I like to tell through the lens that surrounds me and I love to do it in black and white, a true expression of my shots … I love the way , the people and the looks, I’m excited to tell me the life that flows past through photography and it makes me happy to convey that emotion to the viewer my shots , the rest of the photograph is it? There are moments of life frozen in time .

My Page:

User Black & White Street.Com

Rinse :


The METRO is the soul of the city, a world that runs beneath another, it is the fastest way to get from one point to another of the crowded metropolis. Millions of people flock to train stations and living in harmony with the hectic pace of everyday life … Trying to collect emotions immortalized MetroLife was born, a project made with the photos in the subways of New York, London, Paris, Lisbon.



When did you start a passion for the photography?
I have always liked photography as art, but the real passion was born about five years ago … a friend saw my picture made with a small compact and said to me, you know you’re good? If you commit something better you can do it.


What was your first camera?
My first SLR was a Nikon D5000, companion of a thousand adventures.

What is photography to you? And what should not be instead?
Photography for me is to tell with images the emotions I feel walking in the street, moments of life frozen in time and should not be intrusive and offensive and respect the ‘ethical and above all subjects taken, without transforming them into objects to be shown.

NY (2300)bn



Which masters of photography inspires you?
I do not think of anyone in particular inspire me . I can say that I love street photography and consequently I love photos of Bresson, Erwitt and other Magnum photographers including our Pellegrin and not to mention Scianna..Mi also like reportage and consequently McCurry, and many other great National Geographic as Alan Harvey, etc .

Metro Life 1

What is the photo that struck you the most of a great photographer of the story?
-The picture that impressed me the most is that bicycle Cartier Bresson . I love that picture, for me it is perfect :vision, technique, composition, dynamism and luck , it’s all concentrated there.



What is your favorite technique?
Technique?  What is it?

Why do street photography?
Why is the real picture, the one without poses, spontaneous and embarrassing at times,  exciting, narrator, geometric and full of light and shadow . I love it
 What is your best shot and what does it represent for you?
I love the photos of the two embraced on the subway in New York, I love it , for me in that shot is enclosed love, excites me always look the same, even though it’s been a while .


What is your relationship with the street and the people who are in your shots?
My relationship with them and with the road? Well the road is life, everyday life and spontaneity. with people, there is no relationship, my shots are random and I think if there was a certain complicity would lose the naturalness . I just try to tell the ’emotion that transmit to me.



– Personal Exhibition in Caltagirone (CT) Italy, Nov. 2010

– Collective Exhibition “Scordia ieri, Scordia Oggi” in Scordia (CT) Italy, Jan. 2011

– Collective Exhibition “Vadda e Talia” in Scordia (CT), Italy, Jun 2011

– Collective Exhibition “Mediterranean Quilt”, Erice (TP), Ago/Sept 2011

-Collective Exhibition “Colo Artes” in Scordia (CT), Italy, Apr 2012

– Collective Exhibition “Artisti in Vetrina” Caltagirone (CT), Italy, Dec. 2013

– Collective Exhibition “Deep” in Palermo (PA), Italy, Dec. 2013

– Collective Exhibition “Una Vetrina per l’arte” in Scordia (CT), Italy, Dec 2013

– Collective Exhibition “Chi ciauru di Inetra”” in Scordia (CT), Italy, Apr 2014

– Personal Exhibition “American Beauty” in Catania (CT), Italy, Apr. 2014

– Personal Exhibition “Inedito #40” in Catania (CT), Italy, Jul. 2014

– Collective Exhibition “Street Dreams Festival in Caltagirone (CT), Italy Sept. 2014 – Collective Exhibition “ La Donna” in Monza (MB), Villa Reale, Dec. 2014

Interview :

– Interview on Street View Photography, Sept. 2013:

– Interview on APF Mag, Oct. 2013 – Interview and presentation of the project “Metropolis” at the photo club “I Lestrigoni”,Lentini(SR), Italy, Apr 2014

– Interview on Chair Mag, Oct. 2014 – Street Photography in the World, Dec. 2014
Publications: – Il Fotografo, Gennaio 2012 – APF Mag. Oct 2013

– Sociart Network Mag, Ago 2014 – Vieworld photo magazine, Gen 2014

–, Nov 2014


INTERVIEW WITH … Daniel Eliasson

Researched by Marco D’Aversa


When did you start a passion for the photography ?

I have always been photographing for as long as I can remember. Around 2008 I started my passion for street photography, which has grown ever since. At the time I didn’t know that my passion for documenting social life was called “Street Photography”.


What was your first camera?

My first camera was a “point and shoot” camera that I got when I was about 12-13 years old. I didn’t know much about photography, but tried to carry the camera with me as much as I could. For me it was a way to collect and preserve memories. So most of my photos was from everyday life with friends and family. Ten years later I bought my first digital SLR. A Canon EOS 300D with the 18-55 kit lens. I loved the camera, and the fact that I instantly saw the result. I quickly developed my skills and learned how the lens behaved. At the time I took photos of my kids doing ordinary and mundane things; brushing teeth, crying at the dinner table, going to kindergarten and watching television. Today these pictures really means a lot to me, and I’m glad I documented real life instead of the usual posed photos that’s so common.



What is photography to you? And what should not be instead?Photography is my way of preserving memories. Share my way of seeing the world. It’s my way of relaxation and a way to outlet my creativity.

Ghetto Boy

Alone in Haga

Which masters of photography inspires you?

My biggest inspirations are:

  • Inta Ruka – the amazing portrait photographer from Riga.
  • Vivian Maier – Since I saw her photos a couple of years ago, and realised that my street style with the person in focus was very similar to her street style.
  • Anders Petersen – A good picture should make you feel. Some of his best photos cannot leave anyone untouched.





What is the photo that struck you the most of a great photographer of the story?

The photo that stuck me most is a photo from Anders Petersen’s “Mental Hospital”-series ( A woman with flowers in her hair hugs and kisses an older woman. The older woman has her eyes closed and you can feel the photo how this woman hasn’t been hugged in a long long time. This is pure raw emotion in a photo.



What is your favorite technique?

When I shoot street photography I try to come as close as possible. My best shots are from 1-2 meters. I wait until the person notice me and shoot the second they look in the camera. This gives the photo a certain presence that’s hard to describe. After the shot many people start talking to me, and I get amazing stories from their lives. Since I never try to hide my photography, people also get a chance to ask what the heck I’m doing. I politely explain that I’m a street photographer and give them my business card. Many of my subject later starts following my photography through my Facebook page ( You can follow my lens through this video I shot during one of my street walks:


Why do street photography?

I have a passion for documenting the social life, and feel that I have an important task for coming generations. My work will be a lifetime work and hopefully my work will be viewed for years to come. I share my photos and my best photography tips on my website ( which has an increasing number of international visitors each day. Street photography has given me a lot of professional jobs, which has giving me new opportunities to make a living on Street photography. I hold workshops and lectures in Street photography, and has also had the oppurtunity to work as a Street Photography university teacher in Gothenburg.



What is your best shot and what does it represent for you?

One of my own favourites is a photo shot at night in a tram in Gothenburg. A young couple sits tightly and the man gently bends forward and smell the womans hair. I call the photo “The scent of your hair”. It represent my photography; emotions, instant moment and a timelessness.



Lovers and fireworks

What is your relationship with the street and the people who are in your shots?

I love the streets and the people socialising on the streets. I’m a very social photographer and smile, talk and joke with many of my subject. It’s not unusual to see my subjects walk away with a smile, flattered that I noticed them and took their photo. Since I usually give my business card to the subjects, they start to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I get to know a lot of people this way.







Twitter: @streetpeople_se
Instagram: @streetpeople

Facebook: www.facebook/DanielEliassonPhotography

Twitter: streetpeople
Instagram: streetpeople
Skype: webbochsant

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