15/11/2012 by Gabi Ben Avraham

“Game on, world.” The writing is small, but it is at the center of the image, and is the key to understanding the whole picture that is developed mainly on three elements: In addition to writing, then there are the juggler and the skyscraper. Gabi Ben Avraham, having fun with the prospect, he reversed the order of magnitudes, making it look like a giant compared to the juggler skyscraper. The beauty of the picture is all here, in this triangle (also expressed from a graphic point of view) in which the world that plays materializes around the poster. (rewiew by Carlo Traina)

20/10/2012 by Gilles Fitoussi – Sorry


A singular image, with all the details taken in an incomplete (the book of sacred readings, the black hat) but enough to make to understand that it is a time of prayer and solemnity. In the middle, highlighted by the color that stands out from the black surrounding the eyes of a child among adults. Although this detail is partial, that look conveys the mood of the child and goes straight and intense observer.
This photo is a classic example of how one can do without a wide angle showing the whole scene, and represent equally well – with a few simple elements – an event and the relations between it and the people who participate.

Un’immagine singolare, con tutti i particolari ripresi in maniera incompleta (il libro delle letture sacre, il cappello nero) ma sufficienti a fare comprendere che si tratta di un momento di preghiera e di solennità. In mezzo, in evidenza grazie al colore che spicca rispetto al nero circostante, lo sguardo di un bambino tra gli adulti. Sebbene anche questo particolare sia parziale, quello sguardo ci trasmette lo stato d’animo del bambino e arriva dritto e intenso all’osservatore.
Questa foto è un classico esempio di come si possa fare a meno di un angolo ampio che illustri tutta la scena, e rappresentare ugualmente bene – attraverso pochi elementi – un evento e le relazioni tra lo stesso e le persone che vi partecipano.

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