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“TAL” and “Street Photography in the World”     


Alessandro Schiariti

Roberta Pastore

Gabi Ben Avraham

Amos Farnitano

Mario Mancuso

Giulietta Vulcano

Andrea Boccone

Umberto Fara

Andrea Torrei

Ohad Aviv

Luca Paccusse

Arturo Cañedo

Orna Naor

Massimiliano Faralli

Andrea Ratto

Cristian Cuomo

Liliana Ranalletta

Karolina Trapp

Perry Hall

Alessandro Luigi Rocchi

Paolo Ferreri

Antonio Femia

Marco D’Aversa

Paolo Migliorisi

Thomas Kirsch

Christophe Mousset

Roza Vulf

Julie Hrudová

Antonio E. Ojeda

Rafael Acata

Omri Shomer

Alessandro Prato Atko

Jeffrey De Keyser

Simone Morelli

Luigi Stranieri

Gianluca Ceccarini Arash

Roberto Raiz

Massimiliano Vecchi

Egon H.

Francesca Chiacchio

2° Second photo contest 2018 for “Street Photography in the world”

The Street photography in the world group offers itself as a reference point and meeting place for those who wish to get in touch with street photography in the world and want to share their passion.

2° second photo contest for “Street Photography in the world”

Photographers of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience are invited to participate in the second street photography contest of 2018 organized by the group “Street Photography group in the world”


The judges will award one winner for a category the best images

Category “Street Photography Colour or Black and White”



 “Photo for the category Street in colour or B&W”:  

 € 2 –  for 1  photo (corresponding to the number of photos sent)

 To participate to the Contest, you can send images starting from 24 november 2018 till december 31st 2018 at the below indicated email address:


Please specify in the email object, the image for 2°contest “SPW”. The files must be saved in jpeg format (medium quality, 50% compression): the image must be 1200 pixels in length, maximum size 1 MB. A file name should be given using your first and last name and a sequence number separated by an underscore. Example: Robert_Smith_01.jpg



The jury will be composed as follows:

Amos Farnitano and Roberta Pastore

Founder/Editor Street Photography in the World Group http://www.streetphotographyintheworld.com/



Award for Street Photography colour or b&w  image

  • Sony DSC-W830 Compact Digital Camera, 20.1 MP Super HAD CCD Sensor, ZEISS Vario-Tessar Lens, Black
  • Publication of a photographic portofolio on our website



The payment of the registration fee, corresponding to the number of photos sent, shall be carried out as follows:

  1. online payment with PayPal in favour of :



  1. sending of the receipt of payment of the registration fee to :



  1. IMPORTANT: If all of the above requirements are not met, we will not take the application into consideration. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you acknowledge that your personal data can be used for Street Photography in the world purposes and other activities related to SPW. For more information please send your email to:



List of selected works will be published on Facebook group and on web site (http://www.streetphotographyintheworld.com/) by january 15th  2018.

Street Photography in the World The Book – Volume 1

Street Photography in the World The Book  Volume 1

for sale :


This book is the result of work that the Facebook group “Street Photography in the World” has been doing for years; with it we have tried to collect the best photos posted in the group during the course of its existence. The choice was not easy: in fact, the group has 160,000 active members who send hundreds of photos every day, and it was one of the first to pay tribute to “Street Photography”, at least on Facebook Thanks to the perseverance of its founder Roberta Pastore, the quantity, but especially the quality of the published photos, has grown with the passage of time. The group has an international character, with authors who come from all parts of the world, a proof that this photographic genre has developed in all cultures. The idea is that this publishing initiative is not to be a sporadic one, but should become a regular event, so as to promote those artists who are outside the commercial logic and help them to publish their work. Each author published here has lent his work for free, and remains the sole owner of the published image rights. Thanks are due to those who daily work with passion in the group, and especially to those who will follow closely this editorial initiative, hoping that this work is appreciated