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19/09/2012 by Ricardo Apparicio

A good example of voyeurism “elegant” and discrete in this photo of Ricardo Apparicio.
A moment to relax in solitude is shaken failure because of the wind that is molded into shape – not really … “gentles” – of the woman looking out on the balustrade. There is great irony in this shot, especially if you approach ideally – with a little ‘fantasy, of course – famous image of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt air (from the 1955 film entitled “The Seven Year Itch” – “Quando la moglie è in vacanza” in Italian distribution).
Perfect cutting of the picture that has limited the maximum framing. Here it does not matter where you are and what’s around, the essential elements are there: the woman, his forms, the wind … and resting her purse to give a touch of 800’s, when women wore long skirts, even without wind! (rewiew by Carlo Traina)