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25/09/2012 by Olga Shiropaeva

Reality and fiction, elegance and casual, black and white … It seems the show opposite in this photo of Olga Shiropaeva, with the man in a suit that gives the impression of wanting to “pull” away from the strange shadow that belongs to him, that is not his. The look cross-eyed, in the foreground, then helps to give even more of a sense of “unreality” to the scene.(rewiew By Carlo Traina)

photo of the day : 3 / 09 / 2012 by Takashi Tachi

Invisible Man is the title of the photo, but it could be well “Freedom.” Freedom is the writing on the shop in the background that contrast (sharp and in focus) with the “moved” of the man who goes by fast cycling. Freedom many times in this chaotic world, it means “disappear”, it means “not to be seen”, it means cycling, ignoring the slavery of a car.
From the technical point of view the picture “plays” a lot on the geometry of the lines (the pedestrian crossing, the rectangles of the shops and the insignia) and “chromatic minimalism.” The low light of the whole picture is interrupted only by the glow on “Liberté”, and it is there that it is brought to the viewer’s eye, stimulating the association, in fact, between “Freedom” and Invisible Man. (rewiew by Carlo Traina)