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18/09/2012 by Gabi Ben Avraham

The look of a challenge: what the kid is doing with himself and with his skateboard. Even if Gabi decided to stop the image with a very short time, the sense of dynamism is all there, with his arms and legs looking for a balance uncertain, and skate that – though it is “frozen” in the air – seems to twirl.¬†Finally, the effect of two beautiful big umbrellas that “frame” the jump of the boy.

photo of the day : 2 / 09 / 2012 by Gabi Ben Avraham

Who knows what is intrigued by the “Child with guitar”? The cut of the photo does not allow us to understand, and this “mystery” is one of the things that make the photo interesting and enjoyable.
Perfect choice of the frame from the bottom, with the wide angle that puts strong emphasis on child and guitar. It ‘s just guitar to emphasize the peculiarity of the situation: how many children we see a lot of photos flying around the ball? Here, however, looking at the picture, we realize that there are also small Jimi Hendrix. Wonderful expression captured the seriousness of the child: if the guitar is not a toy, one would believe that he is going to perform for a concert.
(review by Carlo Traina )