12/10/2012 by Orly Danieli

When things looks prety much in order,
always make place for the unexpected 
Firenze, Italy
Superb image, mirror of our cities, with thousands (often millions) of people who live in them, that animate the streets, in the subways, skyscrapers in crowded used for offices. But the case however, that once represented the “center” of people’s lives have become huge dormitories, where you return only in the evening and where you live a few hours each day.
The shot of Orly Danieli tells us this: windows closed, curiously aligned in a geometry involuntary, with a single person to symbolize the loneliness and anonymity that we often hear when we go back and re-enter the workplace in our buildings, where the most of the time we do not know the neighbors upstairs.
(rewiew by Carlo Traina)

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