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08/10/2012 by Alexandru Chițu

But who is more “human” in this photo? The driver or three dogs that clearly interact with each other? If anyone still has doubts on the intelligence and sensitivity of the animals, seeing this shot can not change his mind! A dog that side and two on that … “greet” standing still motionless on the road, how could be – between “human beings” – in any train station.

01/10/2012 by Alan Echano

Kidapawan City, Philippines
Place of honor! When animals are the major source of wealth, it is natural that they are treated with respect, and that they be allocated a special treatment. And so, it turns out that the man on the hood of the car trips and the pig deal – happily – the place on the seat. Behind the irony and the subject’s spontaneous smile, all are true … “economic” of many third world countries.