photo of the day : 1 / 09 / 2012 by Russell Haydn

Blink of an eye, and in a subway, calm and sleepy takes shape the performance of a boy who goes to twirl on the pole place in the middle of the wagon.
In this photo there is the whole philosophy of Street Photography: fix everyday moments, freeze in a single image the representation of a street or a place, a situation.
The dynamism of the boy is definitely the “center of the picture” and immediately attracts the viewer’s attention, but are complementary, and equally important, the other subway passengers: immersed in their own thoughts, disinterested spectators of the evolution of the boy.
Advertising in sight (666 Park Avenue) also tells us that we are probably in New York, but perhaps – in the era of the globalized world – this is irrelevant, since the strength of the photo is in his universality. Similar scenes, in fact, can occur in many subways in the world, the important thing for a good photographer, is to be ready to cacth them! (review by Carlo Traina )

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