Researched by Roberta Pastore


original name ; Aries Eko Putranto

birth ; 22 january 1973

Place ; Semarang Central Java of Indonesia

My job ; teacher at elementary school in jakarta indonesia

“My life is Art”


Going back in time how was your passion for photography born ?

Photography is just a hobby in my life , the pleasure that brings happiness in my life , and I discovered many interesting things on the streets




Considering your works, which ones marked your entrance in the world of real photography?

People can recognize my work is all the work of my shots are always face to face with the object


How do you manage colour and B&W?

In my opinion , a photograph must be in color or black and white is of the shots themselves. Depending on the results of the final shots in a frame. .. in my opinion, photo in black and white it’s very draining my emotion.




Which kind of camera do you use?

I’m using mirrorless Olympus EPM2 camera with kit lenses and additional 9mm lenses

What determines if a photo is “good one” or not?

To specify a picture is good or not is a story in the photo. If the story in the photo can appeal to the emotions of the audience then the image can be said it was a good photo , especially for myself


When you are shooting, do you have an image in your mind? Do you build the final photo before shooting it or are your images also a result of a post-production phase?

Everytime I will be shoot for a moment on the street , I already have a picture in my mind of its own , and to get a good photograph I had to be patient waiting for an event that will pass in front of me . But sometimes I also often spontaneously in targeting an incident in the street because the incident certainly will not happen again.



What training did you follow? Who inspired you?

I never have training in photography, and I just follow my intuition when I was shot on the street.

What was your first camera?

My first camera is Canon 600D

What is photography to you? And what should not be instead?

Because photography just a hobby in my life, a hobby that makes me happy, hobby which makes me understand more about life on the streets, life was very hard and challenging and to get an incident in the street, it also is a challenge for me. A challenge to be able to aim a story of life on the streets and make those who were viewed also be able to feel what I feel.
Photography for me is a hobby that makes me happy . And that should not be done in street photography for me is aiming the misery of others . Targetting the suffering of others .


What is the photo that struck you the most of a great historical photographer ?

The Photos striking to me is photos by Alex Webb and Bruce Gilden


What is your favorite technique?

Because I never got training on photography , which I know and what I like is the technique of aiming at a low angle

Why do street photography?

Why I love the street , because a lot of events in the streets that I can aim directly, and for me captures a moment in the street is a genre that is very difficult and very challenging


What is your best shot and what does it represent for you?

In my opinion, all the photos that I shot everything good for me and all the photos I shot, always best for me and I always appreciate the work of my own.



What is your relationship with the street and the people who are in your shots?

I really liked all the events that happened on the street and usually I built a good relationship with the people that I never knew before and my profits as a photographer of street and living in Indonesia is the Indonesian people are very friendly and easy to be.