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My name is Marco, I am a freelance designer born in Rome thirtytwo years ago. After graduating in industrial design I have worked for six years in an architectural firm in Rome. In the meantime, I have joined my other passion which now has joined and intertwined with my work: photography. I attended for 3 years a school of photography in Rome “Officine Fotografiche” where I have refined the technique and I opened my mind to new creative possibilities. I love photography, it’s my preferred way to express myself, maybe because I do not speak much.




Going back in time, how did your passion for the photography and how you facing in the professional world?

I started to photograph with a 35mm nikon film camera of my dad when i was 14 year old. Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a project on immigration in Rome. The work done by me along with 11 other photographers and 34 immigrants, gave life to the exhibition “RHOME – Looks and memories migrants” which was exhibited at the Museum of Rome at Palazzo Braschi thanks to the collaboration between the Museum of Rome, the association “èarrivatoGodot” and Officine Fotografiche and with the curator Claudia Pecoraro.


Regarding your work, which are those that have marked input your real in the way of photography?

The first work studied and thought about it, and that has had a real editing has been made for “The procession of the dead Christ” which is held every year in Civitavecchia.

What gave Cuba in photographic terms, but also in human terms ?

Cuba has given me warmth. A wonderful country, made up of wonderful people, who share with others what little they have. After a couple of days to settle in, you know you are in a different country in which you manage to establish a relationship with anyone. And become a friend of anyone.




How do you manage the use of color and b / w in your photos?

Tended before starting a job, I evaluate and study the place or situation and decide whether to take color or black and white.




What kind of machine you use to shoot?

A Leica M9 digital rangefinder with two fixed lenses. A 50mm and a 28mm.

What determines the success or failure for you a picture?

I always remember the words of Robert Capa: “If the photo is not good, it means that you were not close enough.”



When you shoot a picture you have in mind?

When I shoot I have in mind the type of picture that I would be able to do. I can not always detect them.

Projects the finished image before the implementation or your images are the result of a reflection in postproduction?

Mainly my shots are the result of street scenes. Therefore are not always predictable, I try to imagine a situation and look for the best composition.

What training did you follow? 

I am a designer. I graduated in Rome “La Sapienza” in “Industrial Design”. I have a studio of architecture and design along with my companion and partner. During the course of degree I started to attend the school of photography “Officine Fotografiche” in Rome for 3 years.

Who inspired you?

It may not be enough space if I were to list the teachers that I admire. I only mention the favorite of favorites. I love the photos of Capa, McCurry, Webb, Erwitt, Monteleone, Mastrorillo.

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  1. La vita della foto che accompagna un artista fotografico è quella che ha tutti i parametri tecnici armonizzati e collimanti con il suo pensiero, ma tutto questo può dare risultati tecnicamente avanzati e non trasferire emozioni, mentre in queste foto le emozioni del ” Tema” hanno guidato il cuore, la percezione e la mente oltre che la luce per là dove deve parlare!
    Grazie per questa opportunità!

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