I was born in Milan in 1977.
I started my photographic journey when I was very young with my father’s Zorki4 to document our family holidays.
I studied in Visual Communication and after starting to work as an assistant for Mondadori Italy with the greatest Italian photographers in Photography Studios.
My photograph is in the street because in the street there is life

How important is photography to you? Would you have ever imagined, a few years ago, this passion would have played such an important role in your life?

Photography is part of my life. It has always been like music and painting

Who are the Masters of Photography who inspired you most in your photographic works?

Many masters inspired my passion.
The list is very long from: William Klein, Marco Pesaresi, Ferdinando Scianna, Gianni Berengo Gradin, Robert Frank, Man Ray,
Manu Brabo, Michael Akerman, Andrè Kertesz,
Garry Winogrand, Boogie, Weeggee. Daido Moriyama up to the works of many others

Taking a shot in the street could be difficult at times; dealing with people’s reactions or making sure it is not invasive in the various situations that could arise, is not always easy. What is your approach in these circumstances?
My approach is to stay relaxed and happy to do my work ,i dont feel me inappropriate I’m ever in my place on the street and with all the respect deserved to the subject.

In recent years, Street Photography has caught on, and many photographers have become keen on it. What do you think is the reason why many of them prefer to shoot on the street? Maybe one of the point is the freedom because on the street you don’t have to know how many Flash Light or backdrop or makeup or props you have to use in a Studio or the assignment you have to do , i’ve meet many street photographers that don’t know the basic of photography and the Masters as well.
Maybe its just an easy way to do photography ,but not for everybody sure.

What makes it different from other genres? Its an obsession for that frame and gesture or some geometry joke about to tell
stories and explain the daily life in the world.

What subjects inspire you and push you to look for the shot in the city where you live or in the places you frequent? I am not looking for a particular subject, I like the style of the clothes and also the facial expression, which is very important to me, but the most fascinating thing is to have a dynamic shot.

What is the line you don’t cross in a street photo. Are there ethical rules or is it allowed to shoot everything?
I don’t really care about what i can or i can not to shoot in the street i have my limit’s like evryone for sure i’m not like Bruce Gilden or someone like him.

What makes a street photo expressive? Can you recognize, when you’re on the street, all details that can make a simple photo shoot a good photograph?
For me the action of the scene and a combo of element too, geometrical light and shadow street element everythings together make a good photos.

Street Photography as a genre, has developed in you the ability to interpret everyday situations with an original vision and your own style? Yes for sure maybe the repetition of certain moods and actitudes make an own style.

After shooting, what actions do you take in terms of processing and editing? Post production of a shot is very simple for me. Usage
a plug in: Silver EFEX Pro. I only work on contrast and texture because I don’t like to exaggerate on my shots

We often hear about “photographic projects” in Street Photography too. Have you ever documented a situation from which, subsequently, a story or the idea of a project was born? Yes in a Street Photography Stories grown on the road and when you realize that series will be a Story , i prefer to say Story not Project ,yes can you make a story from a series, but for me the street photography is about a single SHOT and you have to put everythings inside.

We often look at the photos we’ve taken over the years. Is there one you’re particularly keen on and why? There is a photo that I care very much about, a portrait of a dear friend of mine who died of cancer.
This photo is a portrait, I also shoot portraits for work, what interests me is to document life with all photographic styles and not only with street photography

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