Written and researched by Roberta Pastore


Born in Delhi in 1973 , i spent my childhood under the guidance of my father & my father’s elder brother , they are the biggest source of inspiration for me , they both taught me what i possibly couldn’t learn from any school or college . One being a applied artist & the other a noted sculptor so I got the best of both the worlds ,did graduation from prestigious Delhi college of Arts in applied arts & specialization in photography .


When did you start a passion for the photography?

I started photography at a very early age and at that anything to everything was my subject , from Flora to fauna , humans to animals , I would shoot anything that caught my attention.

What was your first camera?

My first camera was Minolta x-700

What is photography to you? And what should not be instead?

To me photography is a journey & I travel everyday , I am learning & unlearning everyday ,I thrive to improve everyday . Life in General which is so unexpected i try to be as honest through my lens as I can .I try to synthesize between human elements & the environment & my main focus is how to make ordinary moments look extraordinary .I think everyone of us should get involved with photography coz it gives more than one can ever imagine .

DSC_6362Which masters of photography inspires you?

I love to see works of lot of photographers (famous & not so famous) over & over again but I feel ,I should be out shooting instead of watching these pics , so I have my favorites but only STREETS inspire me & not the photographers .

What is the photo that struck you the most of a great photographer of the story?

I love Bresson’s work a lot , his image -Sunday on the banks of river Marne really fascinates me .

 What is your favorite technique?

One fixed focal length & f11

photo-2 DSCF8372 DSCF1189 DSC_6920Why do street photography?

Generally street photography gets confused with photojournalism , in a way they both are documentary photography but to my own knowledge I feel it must tell a story ,story has to be told even if it’s meaning is hidden, it’s about how people are , it should be SIMPLE .

 What is your best shot and what does it represent for you?

I am still struggling to get a shot that I can fall in love with .

2 1What is your relationship with the street and the people who are in your shots?

to be honest , I feel like a pickpocketer , my relation with them is often very superficial or non existent , I see a subject, take a picture , say thank you & move on, but then while doing a story I spend lot of time in that area , get to know them & make them comfortable of my presence.