interview with… Eduard Frances

Written and researched by Fabrizio Pannone, Raffaele Montepaone, Roberta Pastore

Interview with ... Eduard Frances

Born in Xativa (Valencia), Spain. I am a self-taught photographer who started taking photos in 1987. I began learning about analog photography technics and chemistry laboratory. I also learnt making my own chemical formulas and emulsified paper. I have created copies in Fine Art in baryta paper in a limited edition and I have spent a big part of my time working on Ansel Adams zone system. My obsession: To take a photo which has a life of its own in Black and white. Streets are my favorite place where I try to catch with my eyes other people’s life and show it to my audience. I don’t like the manipulation of images and I never use HDR or similar technics. My passion for black and white photography and the streets makes me study the image and its light and shade to cause the greatest visual impact in my pictures.  I love the streets, this is my style and a big part of my work. My photograph  “La Pelu” is a snapshot, taken with a Nikon FM2 and Trix 400 film and printed with D76.

1 – When did you start a passion for the photography?
I started taking photos in 1987.
2 – What was your first camera?
The equipment I used in my beginning in order was the following: Nikkormat, FM2, F301, F90X,ContaxG1 and Leica M6 in 6X6 Hasselblad format. I have used many different lenses but I only usewide-angle lens nowadays.
3 – What is photography to you? And what should not be instead?
For me, photography is feelings and soul. Where one parte is about the technique and other is about soul. Capturing the life and being able to leave a historic document. On the other hand, photographyshouldn’t consist in manupulating photographs like HDR
pelu copia

4 – Which masters of photography inspires you?
One of my favorite photographers was Ansel Adams and I practiced a lot of landscape photographyusing his zones system. Once I started to feel the street I changed my style immediately as I realizedhow important is to capture this world and its people.
5 – What is the photo that struck you the most of a great photographer of the story?
For me, there isn’t one exclusive photography that I can consider “the best”. There are a lot of good pictures, but the one that I admire is “The miliciano” from Robert Capa took at the Spanish Civil War.

Miradas en el tranvia copia 4

6 – What is your favorite technique?
The zone system, that I took from Ansel Adams.
7 – Why do street photography?
Because I want to leave my testimony to future generations and that they can see passing the time.
8 – What is your best shot and what does it represent for you?
This is what I consider my best picture. It represents life, simple has that. It’s reality.

Pensador copia 5



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