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About: Born in Turin on 14/08/1972, profession designer. Around 2008, He seriously approached photography. This approach first happened on the street, the subjects were initially the main architecture of the city of Turin. Later the attention moves to the street without neglecting some projects dealing with the various facets of the feminine universe . “Photography is an art, it is the mirror of the soul, is the story of a life frozen in a split second” this is his thought.



Going back in time, how was your passion for photography born ?

It was a latent passion that I have abandoned for several years; in my life several things have changed this led me to rediscover the pleasure and excitement of photographing

Regarding your works, which are the ones that have marked you joining the real world of photography?

There is no work in particular, but the logical consequence of a training course related to information and the will to improve day by day.

How do you manage the use of colour and b/w in your photos?

I prefer b/w in my photos for a simple emotional reason and because I think it suits the street genre particularly well. So in post production I decide if a picture is particularly suitable for colour or b/w. 




What kind of machine you use to shoot?

 Light and handy digital cameras as the mirror-less. First with a Sony NEX5, recently I entered the Olympus world with an E-m5.

Which is your favourite technique?

 It is not a matter of technique but more of the choice of the right approach to that specific moment, if it is the right moment, I take the shot and there we go… 




What determines the success or failure of a photo?

Over time I have learned to understand while I am taking a picture if that is going be one that will give me satisfaction.

When you take a photo, you have an image in mind? Do you conceive the finished image before the shoot or your pictures are the result of a reflection in the post-production phase ?

As I have said previously a particular photo immediately excites me and I already know what features must have, and if it must be treated in post. 




What training did you follow? Who inspired you?

All I know about photography I have learned by reading professional magazines and, as they say, “working on the field”. The advent of the various groups on the social networks on the other hand did expand my technical background. I particularly love the photos of Doisneau

Why the passion for street photography? 

Because the street offers new ideas and it can be interpreted in a thousand ways by the author. Every photo I make is a frozen moment of life and the mind travels to the place where it was taken … for me it is a fundamental aspect.



What is your relationship with the street and with the people you take photos of ?

It is an intimate relationship that is created between me and the subject photographed, I ‘steal’ a fragment of their existence and when I am reviewing a shot I wonder what could have passed on my mind of everyone involved at that precise moment .

Which do you think is your best shot and what does it represents for you?

Every shot is an indelible memory, if I had to pick one in particular perhaps the one of the two street artists in Arles in Provence, feelings, sounds, moods collected in a frame … The magic of Photography!



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