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When did you start a passion for the photography ?

I have always been photographing for as long as I can remember. Around 2008 I started my passion for street photography, which has grown ever since. At the time I didn’t know that my passion for documenting social life was called “Street Photography”.


What was your first camera?

My first camera was a “point and shoot” camera that I got when I was about 12-13 years old. I didn’t know much about photography, but tried to carry the camera with me as much as I could. For me it was a way to collect and preserve memories. So most of my photos was from everyday life with friends and family. Ten years later I bought my first digital SLR. A Canon EOS 300D with the 18-55 kit lens. I loved the camera, and the fact that I instantly saw the result. I quickly developed my skills and learned how the lens behaved. At the time I took photos of my kids doing ordinary and mundane things; brushing teeth, crying at the dinner table, going to kindergarten and watching television. Today these pictures really means a lot to me, and I’m glad I documented real life instead of the usual posed photos that’s so common.



What is photography to you? And what should not be instead?Photography is my way of preserving memories. Share my way of seeing the world. It’s my way of relaxation and a way to outlet my creativity.

Ghetto Boy

Alone in Haga

Which masters of photography inspires you?

My biggest inspirations are:

  • Inta Ruka – the amazing portrait photographer from Riga.
  • Vivian Maier – Since I saw her photos a couple of years ago, and realised that my street style with the person in focus was very similar to her street style.
  • Anders Petersen – A good picture should make you feel. Some of his best photos cannot leave anyone untouched.





What is the photo that struck you the most of a great photographer of the story?

The photo that stuck me most is a photo from Anders Petersen’s “Mental Hospital”-series ( A woman with flowers in her hair hugs and kisses an older woman. The older woman has her eyes closed and you can feel the photo how this woman hasn’t been hugged in a long long time. This is pure raw emotion in a photo.



What is your favorite technique?

When I shoot street photography I try to come as close as possible. My best shots are from 1-2 meters. I wait until the person notice me and shoot the second they look in the camera. This gives the photo a certain presence that’s hard to describe. After the shot many people start talking to me, and I get amazing stories from their lives. Since I never try to hide my photography, people also get a chance to ask what the heck I’m doing. I politely explain that I’m a street photographer and give them my business card. Many of my subject later starts following my photography through my Facebook page ( You can follow my lens through this video I shot during one of my street walks:


Why do street photography?

I have a passion for documenting the social life, and feel that I have an important task for coming generations. My work will be a lifetime work and hopefully my work will be viewed for years to come. I share my photos and my best photography tips on my website ( which has an increasing number of international visitors each day. Street photography has given me a lot of professional jobs, which has giving me new opportunities to make a living on Street photography. I hold workshops and lectures in Street photography, and has also had the oppurtunity to work as a Street Photography university teacher in Gothenburg.



What is your best shot and what does it represent for you?

One of my own favourites is a photo shot at night in a tram in Gothenburg. A young couple sits tightly and the man gently bends forward and smell the womans hair. I call the photo “The scent of your hair”. It represent my photography; emotions, instant moment and a timelessness.



Lovers and fireworks

What is your relationship with the street and the people who are in your shots?

I love the streets and the people socialising on the streets. I’m a very social photographer and smile, talk and joke with many of my subject. It’s not unusual to see my subjects walk away with a smile, flattered that I noticed them and took their photo. Since I usually give my business card to the subjects, they start to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I get to know a lot of people this way.







Twitter: @streetpeople_se
Instagram: @streetpeople

Facebook: www.facebook/DanielEliassonPhotography

Twitter: streetpeople
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Skype: webbochsant

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