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Written and researched by Roberta Pastore

My initial thoughts and experiences with the “Street Photography in the world” group lead me to say that an essential element of street photography is knowing how to seize a moment, where the image is the object of a search, through the form of a gesture or of a look, unique and unrepeatable and not a result of a random occurance. A danger which often occurs in the street photography genre is sticking to stereotypes, such as people who read, phone, take pictures, consult road maps, kiss or extend a hand to receive a purchase or pay. In the shots  proposed, places and different realities will appear, each author describing them with his own eyes and his own way of narrating an event and telling a story, with his ability to convey emotions, messages and moods, using techniques and different ways of looking at and approaching the environment, using color or b / w. This is what the Group “Street photography in the world” sets out to do , to be a point of reference and a meeting place for those who want to get closer to street photography and share this passion.



Street Photography has become important lately and our “Street” group has transformed in an important venue of expression for lots of photo enthusiastics.  A trip through the streets of the world looking for interesting and unusual stories sometime funny sometime dramatic

A stimulus to look, learn and understand different ways of rendering “street photography”. There are streets in our cities, there are places we pass daily, there is the common people, all elements that may appear trivial, but that, if we can really look, can hide priceless moments that we can freeze in a shot with our intuition

Street photography in the world a group continues to grow, now has nearly  180,000 members. A team of administrators among the most talented streephers of this social network busy every day in the management and in the reception of members. A work of great commitment to see lots of photos per day, comment and select the best photos, trying to grow a common passion and that is that of street photography.

The goal is to enhance the street photography and make sense of this passion, following the philosophy of the moment to be seized, the moment stolen that tells stories and excites

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