Vivian Maier in MilanVivian Maier in Milan

The artistic appeal of Vivian Maier’s enchanting Europe. After the exhibition at the MAN in Nuoro exhibition makes a stop in Milan, from 19 November to 31 January, it will be enriched by a series of shots, never exhibited, useful for understanding the processes of vision and development of the American photographer.



The nanny for wealthy families in New York and Chicago has left an archive, with more than 150,000 negatives, many undeveloped film, prints, films in super 8 or 16 mm, recordings, notes and other documents of various kinds. The material was confiscated in 2007, for non-payment of the rent, and so discovered by the young John Maloof in an auction house in Chicago, that wanting to do research about the city of Chicago, and having little iconographic material available, decided to buy in bulk for $ 380, in an auction, the contents of a box chock of disparate objects.

1954, New York, NY
1954, New York, NY


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