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30 finalists contest RICOH

The final selection of the competition organized by

the group “Street Photography in the World”

in collaboration with Ricoh Imaging Euro

Selection of the 30 finalists

Alessandro Luigi Rocchi Makis Makris
Alessio Trerotoli Pablo Abreu
Andres Cesar Massimiliano Vecchi
Anil Aydin Rafael Acata
Aniruddha Guha Sarkar Roberto Raiz
Antonio E. Ojeda Sammy Sharon
Arturo Cañedo Sarasij Dasgupta
Benedetto Benny Bosi Simon Remec
Christian Cross Stephane Navailles
Domenico Tangro Subhashis Halder
Francesco Ruffoni Takaaki Ishikura
Ishay Lindenberg Takanori Tomimatsu
Ivan Fei Takashi Tachi
Koji Kajikawa Tommaso Carrara
Luca Gennatiempo Victor Borst
Alessandro Luigi Rocchi
Alessio Trerotoli
Andres Cesar
Anil Aydin
Aniruddha Guha Sarkar
Antonio E. Ojeda
Arturo Cañedo
Benedetto Benny Bosi
Christian Cross
Domenico Tangro
Francesco Ruffoni
Ishay (Jesse) Lindenberg
Ivan Fei

Koji Kajikawa
Luca Gennatiempo
Makis Makris
Massimiliano Vecchi
Pablo Abreu
Rafael Acata
Roberto Raiz
Sammy Sharon
Sarasij Dasgupta
Simon Remec
Stephane Navailles
Subhashis Halder
Takaaki Ishikura
Takanori Tomimatsu
Takashi Tachi
Tommaso Carrara
Victor Borst

contest Ricoh – SPITW

Photographers of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience are invited to participate a competition in the organized by the group “Street Photography group in the world” in collaboration with Ricoh Imaging Europe


To participate to the Contest


Four weeks from 1st to 28th October 2020

THE JUDGES PANEL:Representatives for Street Photography In the World and Ricoh to decide winner based on a number of factors such as lighting, competition and theme.


GR III Street Edition – Special Limited Kit.

THE WINNER:The competition will run for 4 weeks. The winner will be announced two weeks after the close of the competition.

Good luck to everyone!