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27/09/2012 by Halo Lano

Through the play of contrasts, Halo Lano took a slice of the London between the ruined houses and benches of a disorderly market. The contrast is made even stronger by the strong light in the manifest (the white of the sky), compared with the dark tones of the environment.
Strikes the pose of man (rigid and erect), as if to underline the solemnity of the places portrayed in his manifesto.(rewiew by Carlo Traina)

26/09/2012 by Marco Petrino

Torino, via Po
Il primo piano fuori fuoco ci fa appena intuire che stiamo in un ristorante e che la signora a sinistra sta mangiando. Ma non è lei il soggetto principale della foto: il “fuoco” è tutto per l’altra signora, che poco lontano guarda curiosa e forse con un po’ d’invidia un pranzo che lei – decisamente “abbondante” nelle forme – probabilmente non potrà concedersi.
Una foto semplice che però ha saputo sfruttare al meglio due tra le tante componenti che fanno bello uno scatto: la profondità di campo e la scelta dell’attimo migliore.(recensione a cura di Carlo Traina)

25/09/2012 by Olga Shiropaeva

Reality and fiction, elegance and casual, black and white … It seems the show opposite in this photo of Olga Shiropaeva, with the man in a suit that gives the impression of wanting to “pull” away from the strange shadow that belongs to him, that is not his. The look cross-eyed, in the foreground, then helps to give even more of a sense of “unreality” to the scene.(rewiew By Carlo Traina)

24/09/2012 by Rami Yemini

What caused the expression of the child in the foreground? It is not clear if it is surprise, fear, whether this is due to an external event or if it is a result of thoughts that the “blending” in the head. Rami Yemini gives us an image full of mystery, and probably that’s what makes it particularly fascinating.(rewiew by Carlo Traina)
Che cosa ha provocato l’espressione della bambina in primo piano? Non è chiaro se si tratta di stupore, di paura, se questo è dovuto ad un evento esterno o se è conseguenza di pensieri che le“frullano” nella testa. Rami Yemini ci consegna un’immagine piena di mistero, e probabilmente è questo che la rende particolarmente affascinante.

23/09/2012 by Simon Mak

Wet market

The photo stop the imagine, here seems to have been a stop for the people in the photo (although Simon Mak, the photographer says that they started posing for him).
The result – in any case – are three figures with his gaze fixed that give a particular tone to the picture.
All this dropped into the chaos of their market stand: lamps mixed with neon, fish overflowing from plastic bins and displayed on flat wicker, bags hanging, peeling walls, a multitude of buckets has a little ‘everywhere. If Street Photography means telling portions of life and places in the city, with this photo so rich in detail Mak Simon took us right “inside” the Wet Market. (rewiew by Carlo Traina )

22/09/2012 by Roberto Lepore

Cosa vede un bambino intorno a lui ? Ce lo siamo mai chiesti ? Ci siamo mai messi alla sua altezza ? Qui in questa immagine il protagonista è un bambino, con lo sguardo meravigliato, osserva il passare veloce della gente, non sembra infastidito anzi, sulla bocca un sorriso , forse si stupisce di come gli adulti distratti neanche lo vedono, sfiorandolo con il loro passaggio. Lui rimane lì “comodo” ad osservare ! La capacità dell’autore di interpretare tutto rappresentando il movimento dei passanti e ponendo l’attenzione sul bambino. (recensione di Roberta Pastore)

20/09/2012 by Matsuoka Masatoyo

A photo very natural, without too many “buildings” or geometric techniques, but can well document the chaotic life of big cities. There are different people who compose the photo, but each is a figure separate, with looks that do not cross each other under any circumstances. The same road in a hurry to work (or return home) with each locked in their own individuality and thoughts.

19/09/2012 by Ricardo Apparicio

A good example of voyeurism “elegant” and discrete in this photo of Ricardo Apparicio.
A moment to relax in solitude is shaken failure because of the wind that is molded into shape – not really … “gentles” – of the woman looking out on the balustrade. There is great irony in this shot, especially if you approach ideally – with a little ‘fantasy, of course – famous image of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt air (from the 1955 film entitled “The Seven Year Itch” – “Quando la moglie è in vacanza” in Italian distribution).
Perfect cutting of the picture that has limited the maximum framing. Here it does not matter where you are and what’s around, the essential elements are there: the woman, his forms, the wind … and resting her purse to give a touch of 800’s, when women wore long skirts, even without wind! (rewiew by Carlo Traina)

18/09/2012 by Gabi Ben Avraham

The look of a challenge: what the kid is doing with himself and with his skateboard. Even if Gabi decided to stop the image with a very short time, the sense of dynamism is all there, with his arms and legs looking for a balance uncertain, and skate that – though it is “frozen” in the air – seems to twirl. Finally, the effect of two beautiful big umbrellas that “frame” the jump of the boy.