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When did you start a passion for the photography?
In 2007 i was still a student of Architecture when I started to see the reality in a different way : lights , shadows , people ,souls , and a lot of stories around me. For this reasons I think that photography is the better way for me to see the world.


What was your first camera?
My first camera was an analogic old Practica of 1988 (a camera of my father).I choosed starting in analogic , so you can’t see the shoots you’re making, and you have to focus the scene and the frame mostly than in the digital way.
 What is photography to you? And what should not be instead?
In my opinion, photography is the clearest way to tell a story describing the world around us without any words or other influences, but only with mere pictures.
Photography shouldn’t be a self_praise of who makes the shoot.

Which masters of photography inspires you?
I think all of us need a master. My first master was Ferdinando Scianna, photoreporter, journalist and member of Magnum Ph.
I’ve greatly admired his first work: “Feste religiose in Sicilia”, and these pictures inspired me to start a reportage about “Devotion and religious adoration” here in Naples.What is the photo that struck you the most of a great photographer of the story?
The photo that I admire was shooted by Ferdinando Scianna, and is this :


What is your favorite technique ?
I think that technique is not the only essential thing to make a photo.
Photography needs surely of technique but of heart and soul too.
I like shooting with slow time, for the chances you have to create dynamism and movement in your scene.

 Why do street photography?
I like the streets. If you learn to make photos in the street you can see a lot of different kind of lights and shadows. You can see different kind of people, you can enrich yourself with the stories you’re writing (with the light and shadows).




What is your best shot and what does it represent for you?
I don’t have my own best shoot. I think my best shoot will came , but not now. I want to wait it , here in my city, here in my streets.
What is your relationship with the street and the people who are in your shots?
Shooting in the street is the best way to know different kind of people, I like it so much. I like to walk , speaking with the people around me . I love listening their stories. After a new reportage I feel richer.